IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provides an almost infinitely scalable, virtualised operating environment, enabling public sector organisations to operate highly efficiently, closely aligning usage and cost with demand.


Accredited to process data marked 'Official-Sensitive'


Connectivity into Internet, PSN and N3 networks


UK data sovereignty guaranteed


Aligned with 14 CESG Cloud Security Principles


Wholly owned infrastructure


99.99% core platform availability SLAs


Platform optimised for OFFICIAL


End-to-end assurance

IaaS supports the Government’s ‘Cloud First’ approach by providing scalable resources that you can rapidly flex up and down to meet your changing requirements. It also aligns with other public sector requirements, is G-Cloud approved and accredited, and is available over PSN.

There are also significant management and cost advantages, critical in a time of constant budget cuts and calls for greater efficiency. The infrastructure is permanently up to date, and the time-consuming and costly task of maintaining the environment is removed as all hardware and software upgrades are included in your IaaS contract. And because you only pay for the resource you use, IaaS provides a highly cost-efficient operational environment, offering a fixed price contract for usage and ensuring predictable operational costs.

Industry Leading Platforms

Redcentric is a VMware Enterprise Service Provider and was VMware's first vCloud Powered partner in the UK. By using our VMware virtual servers businesses benefit from improved agility and cost control. Our VMware virtual server solution allows businesses to make the most of storage, network and computing resources.

VMWare Provider

What IaaS can help you achieve


Increased budget control

Scale to meet demand, avoid over-provisioning and pay only for resources used


Built in resilience

Gain enterprise-level benefits, such as redundancy across multiple data centres


Highly secure

Meet requirements for ISO 27001, firewall, private VLAN, and UK sovereignty of data


High accessibility

Profit from SLAs with 99.99% core platform availability and a 24/7/365 helpdesk


Stable, predictable environment

Confidently invest in a platform that supports legal and environmental laws


Rolling upgrades

Save time and money with an automatically maintained and updated infrastructure

60% reduction in central running costs

NHS e-Referral Service

NHS Digital are continually looking to improve and develop their NHS e-Referral Service to make it easier, quicker and more convenient to use by referrers, providers and patients whilst delivering enhanced features to users.

By moving to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) has already achieved a 60% reduction in central running costs compared to the old Choose and Book system.

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