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Introducing Redcentric’s Next-Generation Cloud Platform – Where Speed Meets Innovation!

We’ve invested £3 million to revolutionise your cloud experience! Our UK Sovereign Premium Cloud, a cutting-edge infrastructure platform delivering unprecedented performance gains such as 25x faster speeds, is now available.

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Modern Workplace

This would be good in video format. We will have the recording from the sales kick off and slides we can incorporate.

Telephony services for GP surgeries

Say goodbye to the 8 am rush! Discover how you can use features like virtual queues and streamlined call routing to revolutionise patient experience with advanced telephony.

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The private, public, hybrid and multi cloud journey

Mark Harrison, Head of Cloud Solutions, discusses how selecting a cloud partner or platform challenging. We look at why one-size doesn’t always fit all, and the different approaches you can make with Cloud.

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Vulnerability Management

Dan Green, Cyber Security manager, asks how are you combatting the rise of cyber threats? Discover why the cost of a data breach is driving the demand for vulnerability management, the prevalent exploitation of vulnerabilities, and the challenges organisations face in managing them.

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