Client unified communications strategy

To ensure a successful UC implementation you must have a sound IT staff and network foundation.

VoIP is the cornerstone for unified messaging (UM) and UC. If there is no VoIP and the connecting IP network the integration of multiple server platforms with a different UC function, would be difficult.

The sequence of tasks that lead to unified communications are as follows:

  • IT Staff training
  • Existing IP Network upgrade
  • Implementation of VolP
  • Unified communications implementation
  • Unified messaging implementation

But what is your unified communications strategy and where do you currently sit on the roadmap between separate legacy networks to integrated UC?

This is where Redcentric can help. Our consultants work closely with you to identify where you want to be with UC, what benefits it brings and what the impact will be to your underlying infrastructure.

Redcentric works with the leading UC vendors to give impartial advice and the right solution to meet your business needs. Clients do not need a "big bang" approach and rip out their entire infrastructure but a phased approach, replacing and upgrading components as they come towards the end-of-life is preferred.