Connecting Public Sector to Public Cloud


In January 2017 the Government Digital Service (GDS) issued a highly significant Technology Code of Practice around public sector use of the public cloud. This guide looks into the key uses and drivers of public cloud adoption for the public sector and explores Redcentric’s public cloud partnership; providing connectivity for N3, HSCN and PSN in the public cloud.

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Disaster Recovery As A Service - A Guide For The Public Sector


The Public Sector is going through unprecedented technological change and, with that change comes a new threat. With unrivalled levels of highly sought after personal data passing through public sector organisations, data security is now paramount with Government and front-line public service organisations prime targets for hackers and external attacks. Redcentric has produced this disaster recovery guide which provides tips on how to minimise the risk of a data incident, key areas of importance such as cost-effectiveness and flexibility and important questions you should be asking when evaluating a DRaaS provider.

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Cloud Computing Guide for legal firms


Firms within the legal sector face many challenges today while at the same time being required to cut costs and support growth strategies. Redcentric offer a range of best-of-breed technologies built with the aim of helping legal firms meet those challenges. From hosted telephony to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, this guide looks at those services and how they are already being used across the legal sector to help drive competitiveness, boost efficiency and improve the customer experience.

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The Right Cloud Mix Guide


At the start of your journey to the Cloud you will be faced with a seemingly endless list of options available to you. This guide looks at the considerations you will need to make at the start and along your journey, the different options available to you and the benefits they offer, with the aim of helping you make the most beneficial choices for your business when it comes to Cloud adoption.

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Innovation Travel Guide


IT innovation is a major reason for many organisations making the move to the Cloud. However before starting on your journey there are a number of factors that need to be considered to ensure you reach your end goal as effectively and efficiently as possible. This guide will study those points with the aim to inform and prepare you and your organisation, leaving you with a clear route map to enable business innovation.

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Public Sector Travel Guide


Redcentric’s travel guide for public sector IT decision makers looks at some of the drivers and challenges experienced by those on and facing the journey to the Cloud. Based on others' experiences, our guide gives IT decision makers in the public sector practical advice for the journey ahead.

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Healthcare Solutions Guide


Discover how Redcentric’s range of Healthcare solutions can reduce time spent on IT and increase time spent with patients. This guide shows how IT can enable better patient care, drive healthcare efficiencies and provide enhanced patient data security.

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Cloud Translation Guide


Our Cloud Translation guide aims to keep Cloud computing simple and looks at the terms and jargon used within the Cloud industry. From ‘Anything-as-a-Service’ through to ‘White label Cloud’ this translation guide will provide you a description of the biggest technology trend of the moment.

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Business Continuity Guide


Our Business Continuity guide will assist you in developing a more proactive approach to business continuity. The guide details incidents that, if not prevented, present the risk of loss of revenue, brand trust and much more. Just imagine if your phone system was unavailable for a prolonged period of time or you had no access to your critical data. Would your business survive?

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Colocation: A Buyers Guide


Today, the concept of colocation is widely understood. However, the service received does not always meet with expectations, and can often not meet business requirements. With this in mind, our Colocation Buyers Guide details why organisations look for a colocation solution, the advantages and disadvantages, how to choose a provider and questions to ask potential suppliers to ensure your organisation is well informed when making decisions.

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Cybersecurity for Dummies


Cybersecurity for Dummies provides an in-depth examination of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and real-world attacks; as well as the shortcomings of legacy security solutions and the capabilities of next-generation firewalls. This book also details security best practices and looks at next-generation security can provide unique visibility and control.

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G-Cloud Buyers Guide


Redcentric have created a guide to aid public sector organisations that are looking to purchase Cloud services through G-Cloud. Created by our public sector specialists with experience of the G-Cloud framework since the first version, our G-Cloud Buyers’ Guide looks at how to find a service, select a supplier and buy through CloudStore. Our guide also provides answers to frequently asked questions about the G-Cloud framework.

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Unified Threat Management for Dummies


Fortinet’s Unified Threat Management for Dummies looks at how today’s networking environment and threats are constantly changing. This guide takes a closer look at the demands on evolving network security and performance requirements, and explains the features and benefits that Unified Threat Management can deliver.

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