Redcentric has a range of infographics and interactive pieces based on Cloud computing and the online world.

How technology is driving patient efficiencies

driving patient efficiencies infographic

Our services have been driving healthcare efficiencies; increasing collaboration, enabling better sharing of information and knowledge to deliver better patient care. This infographic looks at how healthcare organisations have used technology to increase patient care.

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Home Working Guide

Home working guide infographic

With 30% of UK office workers feeling more productive when working remotely this infographic looks at how home workers can feel more productive within their home environment and how to stay connected with their colleagues.  

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Journey To The Cloud: Public Sector


What's leading and challenging public sector UK Cloud adoption? Our infographic looks at the drivers, attitudes and end goals of the public sector moving to the Cloud.

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Journey To The Cloud: Signposts


As more and more businesses are now making or preparing to make the journey to the cloud this infographic shows some of the key factors that are driving businesses in the UK towards cloud adoption.

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Byte Size


Data consumption and interaction is growing on a daily basis so, with the help of this useful infographic, we break down the different units of measurement into easily understandable "bytes".

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Virtual Worlds


We take a look at how the internet's biggest virtual worlds, such as Eve, World of Warcraft and Second Life, measure up against real life.

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Would your business survive? A guide to business continuity

Redcentric InTechnology guide to Business Continuity

No matter how well your business is doing, disasters can happen that could jeopardise its continuity. Our useful infographic and guide looks at potential disasters that could affect your business and aids you to build a contingency plan in the event of a disaster.

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Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2013

cloud computing predictions 2013

2013 will be remembered as the year that IT executives stopped ignoring the Cloud. So far, small and medium-size firms have been the biggest early adopters of software-as-a-service and similar technologies. This year it'll be the turn of savvy enterprises to take advantage of the agility and cost reductions the Cloud can offer.

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Reading Data Centre Virtual Tour

reading data centre virtual tour

From cold-aisle containment pods to state-of-the-art security, our Reading data centre has everything you'd expect in a modern data centre. Take a virtual tour of the facility here.

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Harrogate Data Centre Virtual Tour

harrogate data centre virtual tour

Offering a range of facilities, including 24-hour A/C power backup and UPS with generator backup, our Harrogate Data Centre has a proven track record for resilience and uptime. Take a tour of the facility here.

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