Security for Life

Few would argue that we have not truly entered the digital age. 84% of British households have an internet connection, and 38 million of us (76%) access the internet every day1.

Yet as our work, our leisure time and even our social lives have become increasingly digitised, so too our exposure to computer viruses, worms and other malware that would steal and misuse our personal information has increased.

Our Security for Life campaign aims to provide you with all the guidance you need to stay safe on the web - whether at home or at work.

Consumer Security e-book

Consumer security ebook

This e-book explains why security is important any time that you go on the web, including computer settings and browsing techniques that will keep you safe online - all in easily-digestible sections.

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Business Security e-book

Business security ebook

No matter the size of your business if you have information stored on computers protecting your company's data is vital. This e-book explains step by step how you should implement a security policy, from structuring your network to staff usage policies.

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Blog: A Guide to Creating the Perfect Password

Password blog

In this blog, Stuart Brown gives basic tips on avoiding simpler/more commonly used passwords and how to create the perfect password to ensure your account is securer and reducing the chances of being hacked.

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Blog: How to Implement a Strong Password Policy

Password policy blog

A strong password policy is important to securing your business network. In this blog, Stuart Brown looks at the different ways to implement passwords and other methods such as two-factor authentication.  

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New malware pieces discovered & identified each day

For security you should change your passwords every
60 days

Cases of malware have doubled every year since 2007