Redcentric Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS)


21 August 2017

As Unified Communications adoption grows within businesses this video looks at how Redcentric's Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) provides a tailored highly customisable, feature-rich environment enables organisations to support their modern collaboration strategies, empower employees, and benefit from all the scalability and financial benefits of a Cloud-based solution.

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Supporting the public sector


16 March 2017

With the Public Sector facing a number of issues such as budget constraints to looking to increase collaboration, this video looks at how Redcentric's solutions are helping to overcome these issues while driving innovative solutions to the citizen.

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Case Study: Helping Sue Ryder to deliver better patient care services


16 March 2017

Facing the challenge of bringing their 460+ retails stores into the 21st century, this video explains how Sue Ryder used Redcentric's solutions to overcome this challenge and grow their retail operation in turn helping deliver better patient care services.

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Partnering for Success: Engaging with the Public Sector


16 March 2017

Increasingly under pressure to deliver innovative new services while reducing costs and expenditure, this video explains how Redcentric help the Public Sector meet those goals by working with a range of software vendors, enterprise specialists and systems integrators.

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Ensuring a smooth tendering process with balanced contracts


16 March 2017

In this video, Redcentric's Framework Manager, Peter Nailer, looks at the complex Public Sector tender engagement process giving his thoughts on how some of the areas responsible for delays, such as contract clauses and charges, can be fine-tuned to speed up the whole process.

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Redcentric Managed Services - Hays Recruitment


12 January 2016

Having identified network and telephony solutions were critical to their day-to-day operations and needing to meet business growth, Hays Recruitment turned to Redcentric. Able to provide network reliability, scalable services and a high call quality to maintain business and clients standards Redcentric became an extended part of the Hays IT team.

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Redcentric Telephony Services - Thompson Solicitors


08 January 2016

In this video, Peter Kettleborough from Thompson Solictors explains how they benefitted from upgrading their end-of-life telephony system to a hosted telephony solution. From enabling the organisation to run new technologies to removing the need to retrain staff, Peter explains how a modern hosted telephony solution from Redcentric is allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

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Redcentric Network Services - The Salvation Army


06 January 2016

In this video, Phil Durbin, Head of Corporate Systems for The Salvation Army, explains why they chose Redcentric for a new network solution. Phil explains that by replacing their soon to be defunct network with a modern, scalable and secure wide area network solution, the business not only improved communications across multiple sites but were able to release funds for use elsewhere in the business.

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Redcentric Managed Services - 3Sixty Systems


08 December 2015

In this video, Ashley Moss, CEO of specialist IT software provider 3Sixty Systems explains how they are using a suite of Redcentric's solutions, including network and telephony services, to support them not only with their delivery of software solutions into the insurance and legal sectors but also with growth and expansion into other markets.

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Redcentric Healthcare Services - Quicksilva


03 December 2015

In this video, Gareth Butt, Technical Director at leading healthcare solutions provider Quicksilva, discusses the challenges they face when delivering their solutions into the modern health service and how, by partnering with Redcentric, they have been able to overcome those challenges and make the whole process much simpler.

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Redcentric Symposium Highlights Reel


13 November 2015

The Redcentric Symposium is a day built around customer needs and IT outcomes. This video looks at the experiences of our speakers, staff and, most importantly, our customers, who give their thoughts on the event and how it helps them consider technology to drive forward their business goals.

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Redcentric Healthcare Services - SaaS Solutions


20 August 2015

Mark Hall, Public Sector Director at Redcentric, looks at how Redcentric can help Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) to deliver their software solutions into the healthcare sector.

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Redcentric Network Services - Cisco Partnership


14 April 2015

David Goff, Regional Sales Manager at Cisco Systems, explains why Cisco chose to partner with Redcentric to provide their customers with flexible, agile and, most importantly, secure network solutions.

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Redcentric N3 Services - Marie Curie


24 March 2015

Alan Downey from Marie Curie explains how they use Redcentric to provide them with access to the N3 network and also to provide their 62 office and 9 hospices with 24/7 access to vital patient data.

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Redcentric N3 Services - Cegedim RX


24 March 2015

Clive Eckett, Sales and Marketing Director at Cegedim RX, explains how the business utilise the N3 and N3 aggregator services provided by Redcentric to help them deliver their pharmaceutical software solutions.

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Redcentric Managed Services - UKN Group


06 March 2015

Chris Telfer of Managed Service provider UKN explains why they chose Redcentric to help them provide reliable, flexible, high quality managed solutions to their Public Sector clients.

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Redcentric Network Services - Brocade Partnership


04 March 2015

Brocade partner with numerous companies to deliver high-quality network solutions across a range of industry sectors. In this video Brocade's Justin Sheriff explains why they chose to partner with Redcentric to help design, deploy and manage those networks.

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Redcentric Managed Services - Twin Systems Partnership


04 March 2015

In this video, Steve Songaila from Managed Services Provider Twin Systems explains why they chose to partner with Redcentric to help deliver a total managed solution to their customers.

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IP Telephony Services - Havering Sixth Form College


04 March 2015

Graham Francis, Director of IT Services at Havering Sixth Form College, explains why the education establishment turned to Redcentric for a modern IP telephony solution to replace their previous outdated PBX system.

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Redcentric Mobile Services - Blackberry Partnership


04 March 2015

Mike Gibson, Director of UK Enterprise for Blackberry explains how, by working in partnership with Redcentric, they can provide businesses with a range of flexible, easily manageable mobile solutions to suit their requirements.

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