Software as a Service


30 July 2012

This webcast gives an in-depth look at Software as a Service (SaaS) covering the business requirements for this service, the benefits and challenges often faced.

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Evaluating a data centre


22 March 2012

What are you looking for in a data centre? Our webcast covers the key areas your business should consider when choosing a data centre, such as location, security and reliability.

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Benefits of SIP Trunks


26 January 2012

A look at SIP trunking and how utilising the benefits of SIP trunks can benefit your business.

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Ten key questions to ask a Managed Network Provider


15 December 2011

When selecting a managed network provider how do you distinguish the right supplier? We offer our advice with 10 key questions to ask during the selection process.

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Disaster Recovery planning


30 November 2011

Implementing a disaster recovery plan covers many aspects, we give our ten tips on how Cloud services can aid your planning.

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The benefits of Cloud computing


31 October 2011

In this joint webcast with Giles Insurance Brokers we look at how Cloud computing provided solutions to their challenges and changed the way they did business.

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Cloud: state of play analysis


31 August 2011

A look at the current Cloud landscape, covering public, private and hybrid Cloud models and the increasing usage of IaaS and SaaS solutions.

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Non-geographic numbers


17 March 2011

If you are considering getting a non-geographic number for your business our webcast looks at the different types of numbers available and their business benefits.

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Business calls and lines


28 January 2011

Moving your voice estate often provides immediate savings. Our voice expert discusses Redcentric's voice services, operational benefits and cost savings from calls and lines to migrating to Cloud telephony.

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Data recovery: how quickly can you recover data?


04 August 2010

What happens to your data in the event of an outage? This webcast looks at how CIOs can use an offsite data backup solution to protect their data.

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Why managed data backup?


29 July 2010

An offsite data backup solution can increase your business continuity plans and data security. Learn how our online backup service works and how to benefit from cost savings by segmenting your types of business data.

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Effective data protection: a guide for businesses with multiple sites


29 April 2010

How do you protect data across multiple sites? Our webcast looks how businesses can implement a data protection solution across multiple offices.

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Cloud-based communications: the business case


17 March 2010

Cloud services enable CIOs to still keep the same level of control whilst improving on cost savings and IT investment ROI.

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Strategic IT planning: utilising Cloud services


28 January 2010

Cloud services enable CIOs to still keep the same level of control whilst improving on cost savings and IT investment ROI.

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SIP Trunking using your existing PBX


07 December 2009

If you are looking to enable your PBX to use IP telephony technology you will need to use a SIP trunk. This webcast looks at the benefits and features of SIP trunking.

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IP Telephony: hosted versus on-site telephony systems


29 October 2009

An overview of the benefits and operational differences of a hosted IP telephony solution versus on-site telephony systems

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Unified Communications: the missing link


22 September 2009

How can Unified Communications increase your business productivity? Our webcast looks at the operational benefits of Unified Communications.

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