Flexible, scalable and cost-effective Oracle DBA consultants

Redcentric was one of the first UK-based entrants into the outsourced Oracle DBA services market in 2000. The original business value proposition that supported the growth of Redcentric's Oracle practice still holds true today: why pay for 100% permanent resource when this may not be required and could be outsourced to a team of better-skilled and more experienced Oracle DBA consultants in a flexible, scalable and cost-effective engagement model? Redcentric's Oracle DBA Services model brings increased levels of expertise and improved responsiveness, at an affordable price.

In order to deliver successfully on these aims, Redcentric have heavily invested in the following areas:


The acquisition and retention of a sizeable team of experienced, consultancy-level and certified Oracle DBA professionals to provide the highest levels of technical excellence, with a clear individual focus on the demands of day-to-day technical support, customer service and the need for adaptability to the changing Oracle landscape. This provides each of our clients with the assurance that their specific support requirements are understood, embraced and acted upon by "best-in-class" Oracle consultants, who are also easy and friendly to deal with.


A firm commitment from all levels of the Redcentric organisation to service management best practice. This is delivered through adherence to ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), especially in the definition and execution of our Oracle Managed Services. ITIL provides Redcentric with an evolving but widely-accepted industry standard benchmark for service design, transition, measurement and improvement.


The system monitoring and alerting tools and consultant-led techniques that allow a client's Oracle environments to be managed proactively to ensure the highest levels of availability and performance are met.

The alliance of people, processes and technology enables Redcentric to provide cost-effective managed services to their clients, ensuring that the client is not faced with the expensive human resources costs resulting from inefficient operational management practices. Redcentric are therefore confident of taking on the most stringent service level agreements in a 24/7 world, whether represented in terms of response time or up-time.