Redcentric has a team of mainframe system software and infrastructure support specialists. We can provide support for all your mainframe legacy infrastructure components.

We have skills in Z/OS, VSE, CICS, Datacom, DB2, OPC, TWS, Security, RACF, ACF2 and a whole host of standard mainframe utilities with each consultant having on average 20 years plus experience.

We can offer 24/7 database support backed up by our team of mainframe database experts

  • If you need to support your mainframe, but don't have the skills in house, we can help you
  • If you are struggling with an ageing workforce we can help.
  • If you are struggling to provide holiday and sickness cover within your ever reducing team - we can help by providing a cost effective solution to handle your peaks and troughs.
  • All our technicians are trained in ITIL best practices and already provide support to many large blue chip organisations