Mainframe DBMS healthcheck

Redcentric can provide a healthcheck of your DBMS and associated components

When was the last time you did a healthcheck on your mainframe database management system (DBMS) and associated components?

Is the database software you are running still supported by the vendor and if so, when does it go out of support? Are you making use of new facilities to improve performance and possibly reduce running costs?

In these days of cloud computing, virtualisation, green IT etc. it is all too easy to forget about the mainframe. The mainframe is often considered "Legacy" even though many business critical applications are still running on this platform (and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come).

You might keep up to date from a license perspective (just to retain vendor support), but do you make use of any of the new facilities that the vendors might have introduced to improve performance?

In most cases the answer will be no - there are more current and pressing issues to resolve on other platforms, the mainframe is just ticking over, causing no problems, so let's leave it alone. Whilst understandable, this approach is ignoring potential costs savings. If you can improve performance, you might be able to delay upgrading to a more powerful processor to handle the ever increasing workload. Not only will this mean increased CAPEX, but larger processors will incur higher licensing costs from the software vendors, just adding to the running costs of the mainframe.

Redcentric: helping you with your mainframe dbms

We can help you perform a healthcheck of your DBMS and associated components.

  • Checking for out of support timebombs.
  • Reviewing performance options enabled and suggesting changes.
  • Produce a report of simple quick fixes that could be applied and suggesting areas that could benefit from more detailed investigation and analysis.

We have a proven track record of making clients' DBMSs more efficient, hence improving performance and reducing the risk of failed SLAs (both batch and online). This can often remove the need for hardware upgrades and the associated increased license cost.

We will provide experienced mainframe database consultants to:

  • Perform the initial healthcheck and create a report detailing our findings, with suggested "quick wins" and areas for further investigation - free of charge.
  • If the report generates interest to take this activity further we will provide 10 days of additional consultancy at a discounted rate of £500 per day (compared to our standard rate of £800).
  • Another 10 days of consultancy (if required) at a still discounted rate of £700 per day.


The cost to perform the mainframe DBMS healthcheck and related activities on your site is excluded from the above. This would be agreed in advance and charged at cost.

If you would like to find out more about how Redcentric mainframe managed services can save you money, please contact us.