Rationalise your mainframe software stack

Save money by rationalising your software stack and removing duplicates.

Does your business depend on the mainframe? But... your finance department is unhappy about the cost.

As you are all aware, one of the biggest costs of running a mainframe are the annual licence charges from companies like IBM, CA etc.

Many organisations have grown through acquisition, merging the IT functions as they go along and now have a complicated software stack containing many products that perform similar functions.

For example, RACF, ACF2 and CA Top Secret to administer security or OPC/TWS and CA 7 to schedule your batch workload and automate your production control systems.

You can save money by rationalising your software stack and removing duplicates.

Redcentric: helping you rationalise your mainframe software stack

We can help you perform an audit of your software stack, identify duplicate products and then work with you to liaise with the software vendors involved to come up with a migration plan with associated cost savings. Large software vendors are keen to sell new software licenses and one of the biggest opportunities to do this (in what is a very static area) is by removing competitors' software.

We will provide experienced mainframe consultants to:

  • Perform the initial review of your software stack, identify potential candidates for rationalisation and create a report detailing our results with associated costs, potential risks and predicted savings - free of charge.
  • If the above is of interest we will provide 10 days of additional consultancy at a discounted rate of £500 per day (compared to our standard rate of £800).
  • Another 10 days of consultancy (if required) at a still discounted rate of £700 per day.


Expenses to perform these activities on your site are excluded. These would be agreed in advance and charged at cost.

If you would like to find out more about how Redcentric mainframe managed services can save you money please contact us.