Mainframe migration

Are legacy applications stopping you retiring the mainframe?

Do you run costly critical applications that you want to decommission or migrate to new technology?

Is your company having difficulty in supporting mainframe applications because your internal skills have been eroded?

Do you have key support staff nearing retirement?

Would you like help in addressing these challenges?

Redcentric: helping you to migrate your mainframe

Redcentric helps many organisations migrate successfully from the mainframe to Oracle based applications, using a tried and tested approach to implementing new software and reverse engineering business logic into new applications.

Following migration these organisations have enjoyed significantly reduced costs and are able to take advantage of the latest technologies in a low risk way.

Migration benefits are:

  • New application functionality developed
  • Expensive annual software licensing charges removed
  • Shortage of mainframe skills reduced
  • Lower capital and operating costs of new technologies
  • Current technologies resources are accessible
  • Long-term management and operational overheads are lowered

Feasibility study

We are currently offering a free mainframe migration feasibility study for your company.

This study is undertaken by one of our experienced consultants, who will help you work out what you would need to do to migrate your applications, suggest a product replacement strategy, identify complex areas, outline the potential benefits and estimate a timescale based on our past experience.

Redcentric has successfully migrated many organisations, such as a global confectionery manufacturer and one of the UK's largest transport providers.