IBM Websphere MQ

Redcentric can support WebSphere components on multiple platforms and locations across the world.

Our mainframe application team and database, system software and infrastructure specialists can provide consultancy and advice on all your mainframe requirements.

Do you use MQ administration service to support a complex and dynamic, multi-tier and multi-platform IBM WebSphere MQ infrastructure?

WebSphere MQ is widely used as the messaging protocol between numerous and diverse development, test and production IT systems.

Redcentric provides a fully managed team of MQ administrators with IBM WebSphere MQ certifications to support WebSphere components on multiple platforms and locations across the world. Redcentric manages the resources to ensure that quality assured work is delivered within the defined service parameters.

Tasks carried out by the ongoing WebSphere MQ administration service include:

  • The provision of a Helpdesk service
  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere MQ and related software, such as Data Junction, Perl, Java
  • Installation and migration of patches & upgrades to the WebSphere MQ family and the application of fixes to other related software
  • Maintaining queues, channels, processes, trigger monitors, queue managers and all other aspects of the WebSphere MQ environment
  • Set up, migration and management of interfaces
  • Troubleshooting, investigation and resolution of WebSphere MQ related issues
  • Operational support of SAP Business Connector (IDOC adapter)
  • Operational support of DataJunction file adapters
  • Maintaining database entries in IMS lookup tables
  • Documentation relating to the WebSphere MQ service
  • Performance monitoring and tuning

Further project work beyond the scope of the tasks above, or out of hours support can also be provided.

Technical environment

IBM WebSphere MQ family across multiple platforms, including Windows 2000 Server, Linux, AIX, Unix, zOS (OS390), AS400.

All our technicians are trained in ITIL best practices and already provide consultancy and support to many large blue chip organisations.