Public Sector Enterprise application solutions

Under pressure to deliver services faster and more cost effectively, the public sector seeks an agile and flexible IT infrastructure. Redcentric's hosted Oracle enterprise application solutions enable the next generation of service delivery, with easily scalable systems that integrate across functions and departments, managing assets that require high levels of security.

Enterprise Application Solutions in the Redcentric Cloud

Oracle Engineered Systems, hosted in the Redcentric's UK-based Cloud provide public sector leaders with a complete, open and integrated suite of database, middleware, applications, servers and storage systems developed and performance-tuned to work together to optimise every aspect of operations.

Supported by expert implementation specialists and SLA-backed, Redcentric’s Oracle Enterprise Application solutions can comprise a N3 or PSN-connected Private Cloud, enabling the consolidation of server, storage, and database workloads onto dedicated hardware and software infrastructure which facilitates agile, optimised deployments by leveraging Oracle Database, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Oracle Engineered Systems.

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Redcentric is currently providing Oracle Engineered Systems hosting services for public sector customers, procured via G-Cloud, deployed across our multiple high security level UK data centres.

Gartner magic quadrant Oracle engineered systems

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems

Integrated systems are the combination of server, storage and network infrastructure, and the system's management software. Oracle's approach to the integrated systems market differs from other vendors.

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