Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud

Business applications should help users do business better. Whether you want to respond to customers faster, consolidate reports sooner, or get the right product to market before the competition, you need extreme performance and less complexity.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic CloudCan your current IT infrastructure support the business applications you're running today? How about the ones you'll be running tomorrow?

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is an integrated platform for running business applications. One of Oracle’s engineered systems, it's a complete solution with hardware, software, networking, and storage - everything you need - in a single machine. And everything in Oracle Exalogic, from applications to disk, is engineered, integrated, optimised, tested, and certified to work together.

Benefits of Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud


Integrated compute, storage, network

Save yourself months of integration, benchmarking and testing.


Scalable to hundreds of processors

Increase production deployments capacity with zero downtime


Fast, low-latency, secure networking

Achieve maximum transaction throughput on critical applications


Oracle VM mission-critical virtualisation

Increase density and lower management costs by partitioning your system


100% Oracle Linux & Solaris compatible

Out-of-the-box support for thousands of Oracle and third-party applications


Native leveraging of Exadata Db Machine

Seamless integration with Oracle Exadata via Oracle InfiniBand technology

Extreme Performance Waits for No One

Ask your users. They'll tell you they need business applications that help them take advantage of market opportunities and make better decisions faster. They want the latest applications at their fingertips, and they want them available 24/7.

They'll also tell you they don't want to wait for new applications to be deployed or for old ones to be upgraded. They especially don't want to wait for fixes to IT issues that can affect their work and your bottom line.

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