Oracle SuperCluster

Oracle SuperCluster engineered systems are Oracle's most powerful Oracle Database Machines and are ideal for Oracle Database and DBaaS implementations, consolidating databases and applications, as well as private cloud deployments.

Oracle SuperCluster

Integrated, Optimised, Extreme Performance

An Oracle Supercluster comprises an integrated server, storage, networking and software system that provides maximum end-to-end database and application performance and minimal initial and ongoing support and maintenance effort and complexity at the lowest TCO.

Oracle SuperCluster delivers a single solution to handle all types of business workloads. It's an unmatched combination of the highest levels of performance, availability, and operating efficiency, including:

  • Faster database performance with bundled Oracle Exadata storage servers
  • Faster Java application performance with optional Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud software
  • High-availability configuration options with remote disaster recovery

Benefits of Oracle SuperCluster


Integrated hardware & software

Deploy 5x faster, accelerate your database and application performance by up to 10x.


Up to 32 SPARC processors, 32TB RAM

Deploy database and applications completely in memory for maximum performance


Standardised configurations

Avoid the delays and risk of trial-and-error system integration


Cost effective, high end performance

Avoid the high price premiums of other vendors’ high-end systems.


Solutions for private cloud

Up to 32x faster cloud provisioning using Oracle SuperCluster


Oracle Exadata Smart Scan

Increase database performance with processing by intelligent storage servers

Consolidating Diverse Environments

By using Oracle SuperCluster to consolidate environments in the Redcentric cloud, you can greatly reduce the risk, cost, and complexity of your IT systems. Oracle SuperCluster includes Oracle's low-overhead, flexiblevirtualisation solution, as well as powerful system management tools to help you rapidly deploy high-performance applications, consolidate complex business workloads, and replace aging servers.

Using Oracle SuperCluster you can:

  • Consolidate diverse workloads on a single server  -  including database, middleware and web applications
  • Increase server utilisation and reduce the number of servers you need to manage and maintain
  • Efficiently consolidate different tiers of an business application and securely consolidate multiple applications without sacrificing performance

Extreme Performance in a Single Rack

  • Oracle SuperCluster combines hardware and software that's pre-integrated at the highest levels and then optimised and tuned as a complete system. The best-of-breed components and leading-edge technology that give Oracle SuperCluster extreme performance include
  • Oracle's powerful T-series processors with advanced computing power
  • Oracle Solaris 11 with its unique forward- and backward-compatibility for optimal scalability and reliability
  • Oracle’s Exadata Storage Servers optimised for faster Oracle Database performance
  • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud for faster Java middleware performance
  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance with versatile, high-performance storage
  • Oracle SuperCluster is designed to help your business get faster results.

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