Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

One platform for all your applications. Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance is an engineered system that lets organisations rapidly deploy and easily manage virtual resources in Redcentric’s cloud for production and development environments. Your time-to-service is accelerated with fast, repeatable deployment of a full-stack virtual infrastructure for almost any x86 application and workload.

Redcentric provide the power, network and connect the storage; the hardware and software environment is installed and configured automatically, and within minutes, the system is ready for you to deploy VMs using Oracle VM Templates or built from scratch.

Benefits of Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance


Faster time to market

Respond quickly by provisioning applications faster in a virtualised environment


Improved business agility

Dynamically provision virtual machine resources once they’re up and running


Support a mix of applications / OS

Support for a mix of applications and guest operating systems in the same infrastructure


Easy scalability

Add compute nodes when you need them one or more at a time


Lower costs and improve service levels

License Oracle software on a virtual CPU basis

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Single point of contact

The first converged infrastructure system from a single vendor

Production-ready in a matter of hours

Oracle Virtual Compute ApplianceTraditional systems can take days or weeks to be production-ready. But with Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, it takes just hours.

The “wire-once”, fully assembled Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance integrates compute, network, and storage resources in a software-defined fabric that lets IT managers implement a converged infrastructure for a broad mix of applications and guest operating systems, including Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Microsoft Windows. Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance comes fully assembled and ready to run production workloads with minimal, software-defined configuration. Customers save hundreds of hours in labour and can also lower their risk of physical and software configuration errors.

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance also integrates with networking and storage environments, making it easy to re-host existing applications or deploy new applications that use existing data.

Only Oracle delivers the deep integration among hardware, virtualisation, and applications that speeds the deployment of the complete application stack, saving you weeks of effort.

It’s All in There

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance incorporates the following components, already pre-integrated and pre-assembled in Redcentric’s cloud.

  • Oracle’s Sun x86 servers
  • Oracle Fabric Interconnect
  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
  • Oracle SDN (Software-Defined Networking) for software-defined configurations
  • Oracle VM for server virtualisation
  • Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance controller software for managing and monitoring
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager for cloud management

Server management, 100x faster

Oracle Fabric Interconnect simplifies data centre management by allowing you to dynamically connect any server to any network and storage. This makes server management as much as 100 times faster.

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