Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

It's the hardware and software, engineered to work together, that delivers unmatched customer value throughout the Oracle technology stack. And it's that same engineering, along with ground-breaking technology that lets Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3 series offer extreme storage capabilities to customers using network-attached storage (NAS) for business applications, cloud computing, virtualisation, storage consolidation, and data protection.

Industry-Changing Compression

By compressing data more efficiently, you need less hardware to store the data, less time to access it and fewer resources to manage it.

Compressing data using Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression and storing it on Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance results in extreme storage capabilities that are space-efficient, cost-efficient and also significantly faster.

Extreme Performance, Best Value

Oracle ZFS Storage ApplianceTo increase performance, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance leverages a multi-threaded operating system, software optimisations, and a scalable, high-throughput, flash-optimised hybrid design that’s able to service between 70% and 90% of data from DRAM.

Using this innovative architecture, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is the only storage system with leading performance and price/performance results in the industry-standard benchmarks for file serving and high-bandwidth streaming I/O workloads.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance products easily handle heavily virtualised environments characterised by random, high-burst I/O. Tight integration with Oracle Database means superior NAS performance and efficiency, with a TCO that’s lower than competitive systems.

Streamline Operations

Only Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance has deep integration with Oracle Database 12c, allowing it to pre-tune and pre-configure itself to the incoming data. Doing this removes 65% of the manual tuning usually required to optimise storage performance for database workloads. Oracle uses game-changing technologies, such as Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol, to make a direct database-to-storage communication path and pass critical metadata to Oracle storage.

Extreme Protection

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance products are the ideal data protection companions for both Oracle engineered systems and high-performance server environments. Direct InfiniBand connectivity and an innovative, Flash-optimised architecture drive extremely high backup and restore rates, helping you meet critical backup and restore SLAs without the risk of costly third-party systems.

As a result, you see a TCO that’s significantly less than the competition. And, because Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression is preserved throughout the backup process, you also get a smaller footprint that lets you avoid over-provisioning your storage just to accommodate backups.

Optimise Your Cloud

With less hardware, a smaller footprint, streamlined operations, and leading price/performance numbers, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is perfect for consolidating storage in the Redcentric Cloud. Customers use Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance products to:

  • Maximise Oracle Database efficiency
  • Deliver maximum application performance
  • Support heavily virtualised environments
  • Simplify development, test, and QA environments
  • Reduce data centre resource consumption
  • Lower management costs
  • Meet SLAs and backup windows with confidence

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