Oracle consulting services

Redcentric brings a team of DBA experts with some of the best Oracle skill-sets in the industry. Over 10 years, this collective expertise has been applied in the form of managed and consultancy services to hundreds of clients and thousands of different Oracle environments, all of them with their specific challenges and issues. For Redcentric, there is no such thing as “just another database”.

Main offerings:

  • High availability, grid computing, RAC and clusters
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Assessment
  • Database Upgrades
  • License Optimisation

High availability, grid computing, RAC and clusters

Redcentric, an Oracle Gold Partner, has accumulated extensive experience from 2002 of deploying Oracle RAC from 9i to 11G. Redcentric have worked with many clients to prototype, load test, install, configure, test and optimise Oracle RAC for enterprise wide deployments. The depth of Oracle RAC expertise has been one of the key considerations for a global hardware vendor deciding to partner with Redcentric. We also bring an in-depth knowledge of all the leading operating systems (UNIX, Linux, Windows) that support Oracle, allowing us to combine traditional systems administration and DBA skill-sets and therefore manage the entire technology stack for Oracle databases.


Redcentric offers a forensic approach to optimising the database performance for its clients. Redcentric have extensive knowledge of the key Oracle database internals, SQL and specialist diagnostic and tuning tool-sets to facilitate quick, effective performance trouble-shooting. Redcentric can bring complementary knowledge of operating systems and broader technical architecture constraints around server, network and storage infrastructure to provide a 360 degree view of overall Oracle system performance.

Redcentric will work with the products of leading vendors such as Oracle and Quest when available, as well as the numerous in-built diagnostic facilities and traces within the Oracle product-set. Redcentric can report their findings at the appropriate levels of detail so that technicians and IT Directors have a clear view of the issues and impact of recommendations as it relates to them. Redcentric will work quickly to produce scientific conclusions to specific questions, but will aim to de-mystify what is often perceived to be “a black art”. This expertise in overall Oracle performance will enable clients to undertake capacity planning and database consolidation projects with absolute confidence.


The fact that the leading global enterprise software vendor, Oracle, produces quarterly security updates for its products underlines the pervasive security threat that is posed today and the need for constant attention. Redcentric will actively work with clients to mitigate the risk posed by any identified vulnerabilities across the entire Oracle technology stack and to establish regulatory compliance, when required, with the use effective security controls.


Many clients simply do not know whether their Oracle environments are in fit shape or could be managed better. Redcentric provide an assessment service that enables the entire Oracle estate and support operation to be reviewed against best practice. This service will always be conducted in non-threatening partnership with the client’s technical support staff to ensure there is full visibility of all issues and constraints and that all recommendations produced are set in the context of the client’s real-world situation. Redcentric pride themselves on their track-record of successful collaboration with the technical staff of their clients to improve database management operations.

Database upgrades

Redcentric treats all Database Upgrades as important projects because of the importance of the database layer to applications and their recognition that complacency carries risk. Redcentric will use their extensive experience of the target database software and the upgrade methods to help clients deliver the technical planning for each upgrade. Redcentric will ensure that all required new features are understood, tested and utilised and that the post-upgrade environment behaves in a predictable and acceptable manner using a base-line approach. Redcentric will also ensure that the production upgrade is undertaken with minimum disruption to the client’s existing Operations, following a number of successful iterations. Redcentric’s goal is to balance risk against producing a clear return from the client’s investment in Oracle software and annual support.

License optimisation

As an accredited Oracle Licenced Managed Services Partner, Redcentric is best placed to advise on Oracle software license compliance matters. Redcentric’s approach is to work on behalf of the client to understand how the Oracle estate is currently licensed, how this relates to the official license position as understood by Oracle and how any gaps can be best addressed. Redcentric’s complete understanding of the Oracle technology product stack, features and license implications, in conjunction with their partnership with Oracle, allows Redcentric to assume an independent governance role for short-term definition of license compliance and longer-term optimisation of those Oracle software assets.