Redcentric can offer Oracle architectures that are tailored to your requirements

The database market is witnessing significant movement to server consolidation and high availability architectures driven by the needs for improved efficiency, cost-reduction and the protection of mission-critical business systems. These trends have gathered momentum in the context of a reduction of hardware infrastructure costs through the market penetration of commodity servers against the former predominance of high-end UNIX servers.

Oracle software license costs now dwarf the infrastructure costs of the architectures that support Oracle and the largest determinant of those software costs are the raw processing power of the servers that comprise such architectures.

The consolidation factor has been provided by 2 types of solutions

  • Oracle database grids that use Oracle RAC and commodity servers and storage
  • Virtualisation through the use of leading hypervisors to enable more Oracle environments to be supported on a single platform, a trend that is increasingly becoming a de-facto standard for non-production Oracle environments

Redcentric has always been in the forefront of these technology movements. Redcentric was instrumental in the first major European deployment of Oracle 9i RAC on a Linux platform in 2002. Redcentric’s partnership with a global hardware vendor to provide Oracle services in the UK has enabled Redcentric to become experts through market adoption in the design, deployment and support of a number of Oracle HA architectures, such as Oracle RAC and Dataguard on the X86 platform.

This experience has also enabled Redcentric to propose with confidence a number of Oracle architectures that are tailored to each client’s requirements, striking the required balance between the architectural purity of the solution, the achievement of system goals and IT budgetary constraints.

This partnership provides Redcentric with valuable access to proof of concept facilities, enterprise technology workshops and executive customer briefings. However Redcentric’s experience in solution sizing and capacity planning dates back to 2000 and extends across the other major X86, UNIX hardware vendors, as well as leading storage solution vendors.

As virtualisation technology and the proliferation of production virtual environments has occurred, Oracle software has become increasingly suitable as an environment to be virtualised. This support for virtualisation covers all areas of the Oracle technology stack, such as the database, application server, Oracle e-Business, RAC and Oracle Grid Control.

To address this requirement, Redcentric has set up a specific Oracle Virtualisation transformation team and delivery program, building on our specialist Virtualisation and Oracle practices. This program will take you right through from assessment of your environment to delivery and acceptance testing of your highly available and scalable virtualised Oracle platform.

Redcentric has recently successfully managed the transition of a client’s entire Oracle estate from one data centre to another and in the process the re-deployment of that estate from an entirely physical to an entirely virtual environment, using the latest VMware, Linux and NetApp technologies. This will help the client achieve through partnership with Redcentric much greater flexibility in environment provision and efficiencies in systems management, reducing the number of total Oracle environments required.