Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid control is a powerful tool and a great choice to monitor the Oracle infrastructure 24x7

Since 2000, Redcentric has evolved its monitoring capability from its own set of proprietary scripts to widespread use of Oracle Enterprise Manager, including OEM Grid Control for multiple environments. Redcentric’s experience covers all major releases of the product from 9i onwards, including all the latest optional Oracle Management packs.

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid control is a powerful tool and a great choice to monitor the Oracle infrastructure 24x7. Redcentric’s services in this technology include a Quick Start Service, underpinned by our expertise gained from using this tool to manage hundreds of Oracle environments across our diverse portfolio of Oracle Managed Services clients. This service will include full knowledge transfer to your team so that they can immediately take full advantage of the product’s advanced systems management capabilities.

The scope of the offering

Redcentric’s experts will work with your team to undertake the following activities:

  • Analyse your systems environment and define the architecture required for the installation and configuration of Oracle Enterprise Manager with Oracle Grid Control.
  • Setup prototype as proof-of-concept for OEM Grid control.
  • Install and Configure the Oracle Grid control to monitor Oracle infrastructure (including Oracle databases, applications and middle tier).
  • Install and configure OEM Agent (Enterprise Management Agent) on targets with OEM Grid Control.
  • Define monitoring rules and policies and setup SMS and email notifications depending on alert level.
  • Automate ad hoc and periodic tasks against individual or group systems which includes the use of any of the predefined database job tasks (e.g. backup, export, import) or define their own logic using custom OS or SQL scripts.

Major deliverables

The following deliverables will be generated by the service:

  • Oracle Grid Control Repository
  • Oracle Grid Control Console (Web Site)
  • Oracle Grid Control Management Service

Getting started

Redcentric will provide an on-site planning session free of charge to understand the specific requirements for each client’s planned implementation of OEM Grid Control. Redcentric has developed an extensive range of templates covering key events and metrics that will facilitate a quick start to the implementation of the product.