Maximising Oracle system performance is a critical skills requirement when supporting an enterprise application that is dependent on the increasingly complex technology stack that underpins Oracle’s expanding suite of application and database solutions.

Our team of experts will analyse your system and work with your team to:

  • Improve database performance and response time
  • Minimise downtime and expenses
  • Make the best use of current hardware and software
  • Achieve your scalability and performance goals
  • Reduce future risk of poor performance

Our offerings include:

Application architecture assessment

Redcentric will perform a detailed assessment of your current Oracle environment and the architectural considerations associated with a future move. Whether planning for growth or a system upgrade, Redcentric can help you realise the potential of your IT environment.

Application configuration assessment

During your system installation, Redcentric will configure recommended kernel or registry parameters that are specific to your Oracle solution. Redcentric will review configuration files for your database, the Oracle application suite and third-party applications.

Application systems performance analysis

During peak utilisation, Redcentric will analyse performance and make observations regarding your current configurations, followed by detailed recommendations for parameters and capacity requirements for your Oracle solution.

Application systems performance tuning

Redcentric will tune your Oracle environment to optimise performance. We will deliver an overview of the configuration changes and their impact on performance to help you identify trends for future system tuning.

Our experience delivers results quickly. Within a few days we can provide noticeable performance improvements. Our expertise in leading industry specialist tools and techniques means that we can tailor a solution to address the ongoing requirements for effective Oracle systems performance management, around which Redcentric can then provide services of technical governance.

To get a sense of our experience and our work style, please contact us to discuss your particular needs or request a consultation with one of our Senior Oracle Consultants.