Inbound Services

Redcentric’s Inbound service is a Number Translation Service (NTS), more commonly known as Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN). Inbound non-geographic numbers are commonly used telephone number codes that are completely geographically independent of any area in the UK. These telephone number include 0800, 0870, 03XX, as well as a range of Premium Rate Numbers.

Inbound call services provide a practical solution to enhance any businesses effectiveness and also enable organisations to create a national corporate presence regardless of location. Some numbers can also generate revenues for their owners commonly referred to as ‘revenue share’.

Non-Geographic Numbers (NGNs)

With services including 0800 Freephone, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers, you can not only save with our competitive rates, but also generate an income via revenue share, turning a cost into a potential profit. Calls can be routed to any office or any individual, giving you control over how your business handles orders, enquiries, technical support or complaints.

With our competitive rates, organisations can increase savings as well as customer satisfaction - and even open up a new revenue stream.

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Inbound call management portal

Redcentric provide non-geographic numbers, alongside our secure, self-service Inbound Call Management portal, allowing users to manage their call routing in real time.

By extending the command and control of the Inbound service Redcentric’s call management portal provides organisations with the flexibility to control how their end customers interact. By managing the way calls are received, businesses can make sure calls are not missed.

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