Inbound queuing

Effective management of incoming calls

Our contact centre's inbound solution allows effective management of incoming calls with a seamless experience from end to end. Features such as ACD (automatic call distribution) provide the facilities to route inbound calls to the most appropriate resources.

  • No infrastructure cost
  • Agent productivity increases
  • Skill based routing for first call resolution
  • Multi level agent priority
  • Self service option via IVR
  • 24/7 customer service using IVR solutions
  • On demand scaling
  • Web based access to reports
  • Real-time status reporting
  • Web based management tools
  • Agent Whispers to identify call type
  • Automated "you are in queue position" messages
  • Custom hold music or announcements
  • Queue breakout to leave a message, or request a callback

We provide local numbers from most exchanges in the UK. Existing numbers can be ported in and new numbers can be provisioned, usually within a few hours. We also provide non-geographic numbers on demand from the following ranges:

  • 0800 Freephone
  • 0845 National Rate
  • 0843 Special Services