Live call monitoring

Supervisors or other authorised users are able to listen into agent conversations live from their desk.

No splitter cables or other dedicated equipment is required, as calls are mirrored in the data centre and retransmitted over standard phone lines or using VoIP. This also means calls can be listened into from any location outside the call centre. Often customers will request the ability to listen into their campaign operations for quality control spot checks.

Our contact centre's listen-in feature provides a flexible solution, requiring only internet access and a phone.

The listen-in feature can operate either on the customer call leg or on the agent call leg. In the case of the customer call leg, the listening operator can continue listening to a call even after it has been transferred to a third party. Indication to the agent of someone listening in is optional. In the case of listening into the agent call leg, the listening party will be able to hear everything the agent can hear, including all ringing and whispers.

There may be occasions when specialist support personnel might be signalled using instant messaging by agents to request assistance in dealing with calls without actually making the customer aware they are doing so. The support operator can prompt the agent with pertinent information during the call, and due to the nature of the remote operation capability these support resources can be anywhere.