Management tools

Run live comprehensive reports to effectively manage your agents and campaigns it is essential to have access to good reporting.

Our contact centre features a range of management reports that are both comprehensive and live, detailing calling statistics presented in a variety of layouts. By ensuring that reports can be accessed live, any issues can be identified and addressed before there is a material impact on the campaign. Standard reports include:

  • Agent and campaign status screens
  • Inbound queue and outbound dialler activity
  • Agent summary calling statistics
  • Individual call records, including links to recordings
  • Hourly and daily running summary statistics
  • Call outcome summaries with time spent on every call type
  • Outbound future dialling data analysis

Reports can be filtered to include only certain queues or agents and can be run for specific time and date ranges as well as many other filters depending on the report type. Typically reports contain agent time recording data, call outcome data and actual call information presented summarised by campaign, agent or time.

Measurements include:

  • Agent talk, wait and wrap times, plus ring times when preview dialling
  • Sales per hour (SpH)
  • Sales versus completes (SvC)
  • Completes per hour (CpH)
  • DMC's totals (decision making contacts)
  • DMC's per hour
  • Call types
  • Call outcomes
  • Inbound queuing times
  • Outbound dialler statistics including abandoned call counts