IP telephony readiness audits

Is your organisation ready for IPT?

An IP telephony readiness audit comprises of a review of the customers LAN and WAN to assist in the readiness for moving away from a traditional voice network, towards a converged solution where both voice and data can be carried across the same infrastructure.

Redcentric considers many variants in the assessment and these include but are not limited to;

Local area network (LAN) infrastructure review

What is the current vendor technology, equipment specifications and capabilities? Will the existing cabling and Wi-Fi connectivity support the required traffic and signalling requirements?

Local area network (LAN) topology review

Is the current local area network designed sufficiently to support delay sensitive and mission critical applications with enough capacity, resilience and fast convergence?

Wide area network (WAN) edge device review

Will the current Edge Router support the required queuing and traffic prioritisation functionality to support voice traffic?

Wide area network (WAN) connectivity review

Does the current network have sufficient bandwidth to support increased traffic loads. Is classes-of-service (COS) and quality of service (QoS) supported by the network service provider? Will latency be an issue that affects the quality of the voice call? Are there single points of failure that will cripple your business for extended periods of time?

An IPT readiness audit will provide a blueprint to maximise your return on investment (ROI) by fine-tuning your infrastructure to your business needs and objectives.