Business Mobile Data

Today's mobile contracts are rarely purchased without a "data bolt-on". Imagine how useless your Smartphone would be whilst on the move, without the ability to access the internet, or your emails.

Redcentric are business mobile specialists and are here to provide your business with the mobile solution that best meets your requirements, our experts will work with you to create an efficient, effective data bundle.

Redcentric provide a variety of data bundles, ranging from 500MB up to 10GB per month, as well as a Pay As You Use (PAYU) option (charged at pence per MB). We can also offer the ability to share data between users - so a large bundle, such as 40GB, can be shared between a group, rather than each user paying for a bundle which they may rarely use.

Mobile Business Broadband

Redcentric offer Mobile Broadband solutions- these are most commonly used for USB dongles and tablet devices.

Data Roaming Bundles

Data roaming can prove to be one of the biggest costs within a Mobile bill - yet if a business has a global footprint - it is simply unavoidable. Redcentric provide a range of data bundles and/or applications for international use which can dramatically reduce your data roaming costs - in many cases by up to 50%.