Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Redcentric's Mobile Device Management (MDM) service looks at mobile security, application development and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as part of building your organisation’s mobility strategy.

Businesses need to consider more than just email and Internet access on mobile devices and to ensure your organisation has the best fit MDM solutions in place we assess your current systems and infrastructure, discuss your mobile strategy and your future requirements.

We can tailor the following MDM solutions to meet your requirements for enterprise mobility management:

Assessment and Design - A full assessment is conducted of your current infrastructure environment, data is collected and analysed, and we discuss your MDM platform requirements.

Installation - Complete build and installation service of your ideal MDM strategy is based on timeframes that are reflective of your business needs.

Management - No in-house platform maintenance burden. We can fully manage and support all deployments. Our specialists have experience in advanced platform migration and deployment to support you from the beginning and throughout your Mobile Device Management journey.

Support - 24/7/365 support from experienced technical consultants.

Best-in-class Mobile Device Management (MDM)

We use AirWatch, Fixmo, BlackBerry, Samsung, Soti, Mobile Iron, Maas360 and Zenprise to ensure our MDM offering is best-in-class.