Business Mobile Bundle Tariffs

Redcentric's business mobile minutes packages are tailored to suit an organisation's needs - whilst being very flexible and extremely competitive. In order to provide your business with the most competitive solution Redcentric analyse your bills and provides a full assessment.

Redcentric offer a choice of providers including Vodafone, O2 and EE - each offering various benefits. If you require a mix of providers, we can offer services from of all three on a single bill.

Mobile minutes can either be provided as a Bundle or Pay As You Use (PAYU), or a mix of both.

Bundle tariffs

Bundle tariffs are most popular with organisations that make a lot of calls between users, or to voicemail. Bundle tariffs offer benefits such as free SMS, and an inclusive bundle of shared minutes, however line rental will be priced with these benefits in mind.

PAYU tariffs

PAYU tariffs are ideal for larger organisations as they offer a lower cost line rental and low pence per minute rates - however, you pay for every call. The PAYU mobile tariff is particularly popular with organisations that require a low number of calls across a high number of users, or those who want to track/monitor all usage, such as in the Public Sector.

International / Roaming Calls

International/Roaming calls can prove expensive. Redcentric offer a range of voice bundles available for heavier users, which will help keep costs down.