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Unity provides multi-channel communications across a range of devices from virtually any location. It enables users to communicate and collaborate more effectively whether they be in the office, at home or on the road.

Unity is a hosted, managed Unified Communications service designed and engineered for business. It provides users with multiple ways to communicate including voice, video, instant messaging and desktop sharing. Users can access these features from a desktop phone, or via a simple app, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet PC.

With proven enterprise telephony capabilities, Unity can replace your existing phone system as well as introduce new ways of communicating to your business.

Delivered from high-availability carrier platforms hosted in Redcentric's data centres, Unity services require no onsite platform infrastructure. As they use the same network as your data services, there's also no need for separate ISDN lines.



Multiple ways of communicating

Communicate via instant message, video, desktop sharing as well as voice.


Proven voice capabilities

Replace your existing phone system with a UC solution that’s proven to meet the telephony needs of enterprise business.


Work from almost any location

Enjoy rich, multi-channel communications across your different devices in the office, at home and on the move.


Predictable pricing

A per user per month pricing model inclusive of all maintenance and support makes budgeting simple and transparent.


Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony

Unity’s Unified Communications features are underpinned by proven telephony capabilities that are designed and engineered for enterprise businesses. This ensures that as well as delivering new ways to communicate and collaborate into your organisation, you can also replace your existing phone systems in confidence. 

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  • Improve productivity – better communication and collaboration between staff, regardless of their location
  • Reduced capital cost – Unity's cloud infrastructure removes the cost of purchasing and maintaining onsite hardware
  • Increased business efficiency – faster communications help speed up business processes and drive operational efficiency
  • Better business continuity – remove dependencies on any single site with a workforce capable of working from anywhere
  • One integrated solution – proven enterprise telephony with integrated UC and Unity portal
  • Peace of mind – 99.99% availability SLA and 24x7x365 support

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