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Cloud complexity. Managed

When it comes to Cloud transformation, often the focus is on three core objectives: improving performance, optimising cost, and achieving value for stakeholders.

Every organisation’s journey will be unique, the result of different factors and dynamics in play: from regulatory constraints to security mandates, legacy contracts to budgetary pressures, geographic limitations to application interdependencies, physical capacity to human resources.

It makes safely negotiating the unfamiliar, mazy world of hybrid
Cloud all the more challenging. How do you pick your way between on-premises, managed hosting, private cloud, hybrid cloud and the infinite realm of full public cloud?

With Redcentric’s Cloud Transformation Practice (CTP) as your guide, you can be confident of making the right decisions.

Your Dedicated Cloud Accelerator Team

The team is a dedicated, cross-functional team of 30+ professionals whose role is to help clients make the right Cloud moves at the right time in the right way. It combines a high level of experience, knowledge and hands-on experience to get the desired result. You benefit from having every workload in one place from a cost, performance, and security perspective, but always as part of a properly assessed strategy.

The Value of CloudUnity

Every cloud accelerator engagement comes under the banner of our CloudUnity Program – our commitment to you to successfully map and manage your Cloud journey, however complex. Core to CloudUnity are six simple but powerful propositions:

Benefits of our Cloud Transformation services


Cloud expertise

Intimate knowledge of private, public and hyperscale Cloud and hybrid environments.


Turnkey delivery

End to end engagements to support internal teams and deliver to time and budget.


Dedicated resource

Specialist group focused only on the skillful orchestration of digital transformation programs.


Business orientation

Strong grasp of financial and operational drivers to ensure Cloud fully aligns with objectives.


Proven methodology

Well-tested process to define winning strategies and underpin better project outcomes.


Strategic partnerships

Close relationships with Microsoft and AWS unlock skills, know-how and backup for the benefit of clients.

The Cloud transformation methodology

Each engagement follows a proven methodology – a detailed discovery, planning, execution, management and evaluation. It is deliberately in-depth and meticulous, with multiple workstreams to help manage complex transitions. View the Cloud Transformation Methodology.


We add value by taking a fresh perspective on cloud transformation where we find the right approach that’s unique to your requirements.  This is driven out of our deep-rooted experience of hosting private, public and hybrid cloud solutions.  Our close partnerships with the likes of Microsoft and AWS allows us to offer the best understanding of how we can best use public cloud to your advantage. Our Cloud Transformation team can give you the knowledge and assurance you need to transition to the cloud with confidence.

Together we bring clarity, certainty and assurance to the how, why, when, what, how much, how far and how quickly questions that any Cloud transformation program has to answer.

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