Data Archiving

Is your business data expanding? Are you experiencing slow response times, increased duration for backup and longer recovery times in the event of a server failure? Redcentric's data archiving service allows your business to regain control of your Microsoft Exchange and Windows file servers.

Features of our Data Archiving service


High speed search

Recover archived emails quickly and reduce the associated administration costs.


Improve Exchange server performance

Free up primary storage capacity by archiving old emails found in Exchange & PST files.


Faster data backup & recovery

Reduce your business' backup windows and improve restoration times.


Regulatory compliance

All email and data archiving complies with corporate governance and standards.


Online access

Data retrieval is end-user friendly, freeing up IT dept's time for business-critical projects.


Increased data resilience

Your business' archived data is stored in 2 geographically diverse UK data centres.

The data archiving service allows you create an automatic policy that archives emails and files that have not been accessed for a specified time period. These files are moved into our data centre facilities and replaced with a 'docket'. To recover the file the user needs to simply click on the docket; this requires no IT involvement and is seamless to the user.

This reduces the load on the local server as old files are remotely stored and only recent files are kept on the local server. To ensure maximum efficiencies archived data is de-duplicated, passing on further cost savings to your business.

Pay-As-You-Go cloud archiving

Our File & Email Archiving service is offered as a fully managed service with a 'pay-as-you-go' charging model, so you only pay for the data you actually archive. It is based on the industry-leading Symantec Enterprise Vault data archiving software but with the added simplicity and assurance of a 24x7 managed service.