Online Data Backup

Is your business data securely backed-up? Do you use tapes to protect your business critical data? Redcentric's secure managed online data backup protects your data automatically... without tapes.

Our online backup service is a fully-managed, Cloud data backup solution, offering enterprise-class, business online backup and instant restoration. Your data is automatically backed up to our secure UK data centre facilities, where it is available for rapid restoration via a dedicated link or internet connection, 24/7/365.

This SLA-backed managed backup service completely eliminates the limitations of traditional tape-based data backup solutions, ensuring that your critical systems and data are always protected.

Key benefits and features of our Managed Online Backup service


Remote Backup

Fully automated Cloud data backup service backs up to remote UK data centres.


Business Continuity & Recovery

Reduces downtime and improves your recovery time in the event of a disaster.


No new infrastructure required

Get 1TB - 100TB+ data backup using your existing infrastructure.



Pay-per-usage rather than investing in equipment you might not need in the future.


'Official-Sensitive' data handling

Authorised to process government data marked 'Official-Sensitive'. Offers link & data encryption.


Saves time and money

Improve your online data backup processes & increase your data restore performance.

Redcentric's online data backup service is a fully automated service that provides disk-to-disk data back-up over standard internet connections for servers, desktop PCs and laptops.

The service offers secure managed online data backup with full encryption and stores the data on remote mirrored storage platforms at two separate locations for increased resilience.

Restoration of data is 'on demand' and is provided using a simple user interface.

Removing the headaches of compliance

Most companies have problems satisfying privacy, security, and data retention regulations. We will gladly show you a table of regulatory requirements, and list for you how our online backup services and technology help you satisfy them. Redcentric is accredited to store government and NHS data, and has been ISO-accredited to help you comply with regulatory requirements and meet your online backup needs.

  • Fully-automated, regular Cloud data backup to remote locations
  • Only transfers new incremental data — typically 1-2% of all data
  • Data stored on dedicated disk to allow rapid restoration
  • Centralised management of online backup services for central and remote locations
  • SLA-backed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery service
  • Online backup services from 10GB to 50TB using the same technology and infrastructure
  • Managed online backup service charged on a per-usage basis
  • Assessed and certified to store government data rated 'official-sensitve' online data backup service
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