Efficient, secure & flexible Cloud for the UK public sector

Cloud-based services built to deliver a better end user experience and greater control of data whilst providing significant cost savings, increased productivity and efficiencies.

In line with the Government's Information Technology strategy, public sector departments are looking to technology that is fit for purpose and supports civil service reform as they move to concentrate on putting their users first.

Our services, which are available via G cloud and over PSN, so removing the complex tendering and approval process, are already helping a number of public sector clients overcome immediate operational and fiscal challenges and accelerate the launch of citizen-facing digital services.

Consuming cloud, hosting and ICT services in the right way can deliver assured performance, on-going innovation and faster time to value.


Leave us to concentrate on delivering efficient IT services whilst you concentrate on delivering public services.

  • Flexibility - Scalable services, easily catering for temporary peaks in demand - align IT resources more efficiently and cost-effectively while supporting the Greening Government agenda
  • Reliability & versatility - Supporting multiple Cloud deployment models and the highest levels of availability you have the basis for robust development and assured service delivery to the UK citizenry
  • Security - High levels of security allowing public sector departments to meet the needs of end users whilst still meeting their own operational requirements
  • Agility - Benefit from services that are quick to deploy and scale, enabling a rapid response to yours and the public’s changing needs
  • Genuine partnership - Leverage know-how, trust and collaborative working to make optimum decisions around Cloud and safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data and public services

Authorised to store government data




Value for money through pay-as-you-use services


Highly secure uk data centres


Compliant with cabinet office standards


Accredited to store patient NHS data

Public Sector IT Solutions & Cloud Services

Redcentric is an approved supplier on G-Cloud 8. Redcentric has been a supplier of assured Cloud services to government organisations for many years, and offers a range of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and specialist Cloud services through the framework.

Utilising cloud services can help you create a more productive, flexible workforce which in turn allows you to provide public services more efficiently, cost effectively and of a higher quality.

Just some of the services available to you include:


Our IaaS provides scalable server resources that lowers costs by removing capex as well as aligning with your budgets and demand. Available over PSN, our IaaS can be deployed quicker and provide end-to-end assurance.


Optimise your organisation and its infrastructure to improve information sharing, communication and business performance using a single network for voice and data communications.

Secure Hosted Desktop

The hosted desktop environment is delivered from our secure, resilient server platforms within our UK data centres - providing the security and availability required for the delivery of enterprise hosted desktops.

Enterprise DBaaS

Oracle Engineered Systems, hosted in the Redcentric Cloud, provide public sector leaders with a fully integrated, performance-tuned suite of database, middleware, applications, servers and storage systems.


Colocation offers organisations a choice of secure, UK-located data centres for physical hosting of customer-owned critical systems and data that is seldom used but has to be kept, reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Secure platform infrastructure that provides the networks, servers and storage required to give your organisation more time to focus on developing, running and managing applications and solutions.

For more information please call 0800 983 2522 or email publicsector@redcentricplc.com

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