Server load balancing

In order to help customers optimise application performance, Redcentric offers both local and site based server load balancing services. Traffic is distributed to multiple servers within a data centre and to servers spread across multiple data centres to improve performance and availability.

Redcentric offers both local and site based server load balancing services. Local load balancing is used within a data centre to distribute incoming traffic across a pool of application servers. Site load balancing is used across Redcentric data centres to either steer incoming application traffic to an alternative site if the primary fails or to distribute incoming application traffic across multiple data centres to either optimise performance or to deliver specific content to a user based on their location.

features of server load balancing:


Offers platform scalability

Rather than upgrade a solitary application server, other servers can be added to build a server farm. Load balancing distributes requests to the various servers that make up the server farm.


Improves application performance

Distributes user requests for web pages and applications across multiple servers to improve performance compared to a single server at peak traffic time.


Improves application availability

When an application server in a farm breaks, load balancers distribute traffic to working servers


Cloud-based service

Eliminates the need for customers to buy hardware. Redcentric manages the platform including any software upgrades as required.

The load balancing services complement Redcentric’s extensive portfolio of connectivity, co-location, hosting and other managed services. The services are optimised to deliver applications hosted in Redcentric data centres. The load balancing infrastructure is integrated into the data centre’s high capacity Local Area Networks (LAN) and is particularly suitable for enhancing customer environments built on Redcentric’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Redcentric has extensive experience designing high availability application environments and consultants are available to assist customers to meet their design objectives.