Redcentric delivers across all the key virtualisation disciplines including virtualised desktop, server, applications and storage, and is one of the leading virtualisation suppliers in the UK, working with VMware to offer a powerful Virtualisation-as-a-service offering.

Virtualisation is not just for global IT infrastructures as virtualisation addresses fundamental issues and inefficiencies found in organisations of any size:

  • Low server utilisation levels
  • Limited space to develop infrastructure
  • Lack of budget to purchase new hardware
  • Inefficient or absent backup/restore capabilities
  • Spiralling power and cooling expenses
  • Ineffective processes to build and deploy desktop devices and servers

VMWare Provider

What is virtualisation and what can it do for me?

Virtualisation consolidates hardware devices in a logical environment. For instance, one virtual network device could take an image of a physical network rack making a digital version, and keep all the devices separate in its memory. But, why have a virtual version instead of an actual one? Virtualisation boosts the capacity of IT infrastructures in a cost and space efficient way.

Key benefits of virtualisation


Device Consolidation

operating multiple applications on common hardware, reduces the number of servers required to support applications


Reduced Operating Costs

Reducing server power and hosting space costs


Rapid Deployment

Applications can be deployed rapidly without the need for additional infrastructure


Automated Disaster Recovery

Virtual Machines can automatically failover to other physical servers


Reduce infrastructure

Infrastructure costs can be reduced by reducing and combining the number of servers and amount of storage hardware needed to run applications


Increase flexibility

Introduce always available, on demand applications and desktops to information workers from any location, device and connection


Business Continuity

Reliable business continuity and disaster recover solutions can be applied simply and efficiently


Easy Management

Administration and IT management can be simplified

Why use virtualisation?

Rapid growth in x86 servers and the infrastructure (networking, storage etc) has in a lot of cases created an infrastructure that is difficult to measure and monitor. Therefore many IT departments lack the information needed to assess the suitability of their environment to a virtual infrastructure. Based on cross-section of organisation environments:

  • 5-10% processor utilisation
  • 3x average peak hour utilisation
  • System capacity much greater than usage requirements
  • 20-50% more physical servers found
  • 40% servers >3 years old
  • 28% servers <700mhz

Redcentric blends its sector and technical know-how, offering a VMware-powered virtualisation-as-a-service offering, already establishing itself as a powerful ally and enabler in all sectors.

  • Modernise data centres to support increasingly sophisticated platforms
  • Power Hybrid cloud development to facilitate move away from legacy systems
  • Empower digital working
  • Transform security and streamline compliance
  • Enhance patients and clinician experiences
  • Empower the digital workspace through wireless and mobile opportunities
  • Aid security compliance and regulations
  • Help facilitate the move away from legacy systems
  • Reduce time to develop, test and deploy new solutions
  • Derisk the push for accelerated change to the benefit of UK citizens
  • Transform retail processes with hybrid cloud development
  • Support increasingly sophisticated retail platforms by modernising data centres
  • Build smart retail solutions with VMware IoT
  • Reduce time to develop and deploy, accelerate time to value
  • Create more capability and opportunity without adding cost or complexity