Application virtualisation

Redcentric's vast amount of services and solutions around application virtualisation incorporate traditional application virtualisation technologies, extending to cater for the virtualisation of key applications, be they Oracle, SAP, Microsoft or QAD based programs. Traditional application virtualisation abstracts a program's executables, configuration files and dependencies from the operating system.

Each virtualised application runs within its own unique environment, which includes registry entries, libraries, supporting executables and anything else the application needs. Because the application does not use additional resources outside of its environment, you can run numerous versions of a program or run it on an operating system that is newer than it was designed for. You will therefore move away from the restrictions that come from running applications in environments they were not designed for.

Application virtualisation is often combined with streaming to allow applications to be launched to the end user's computer, be it a physical or virtual desktop. With application streaming, the virtualised application image is stored on a server that client software on employees' machines connects to. Instead of the entire file being transferred, the client requests portions of the application only as needed, speeding up the time it takes to launch the program. The image is also cached locally, so portions of the application that have already been used don't need to be fetched over the LAN.

Key application virtualisation

Much of the work that has been done to date with virtualisation has focused on the less critical business servers that typically have lower I/O requirements. Although these services are ideal candidates for virtualisation the real value in protecting key applications through virtualisation is often missed because those key servers are left to run on physical environments. By leaning on its specific application knowledge, Redcentric virtualise the business critical servers running CRM, ERP and business intelligence systems for organisations.

Key applications addressed by Redcentric

  • All Oracle environments
  • SAP Business 1
  • QAD
  • Microsoft Business Applications incorporating Exchange