DataCore Software is a leading independent software vendor specialising in storage virtualisation, storage management, and storage networking

Device-independent storage virtualisation software, core to your IT infrastructure

DataCore has developed intelligent storage virtualisation technologies over the past decade overcoming device-specific differences and limitations. Consequently, non-stop, lightning-fast, waste-free SANs is the norm for many users regardless of changes made to the makeup of the storage pool. Aging storage hardware devices can be converted into well behaved disks with lots of capacity that are shareable, don't age and are always accessible. This unique emulation overcomes innate differences, limitations and flaws present in all devices from basic disk drives to high end disk arrays.

Configuring the DataCore nodes to N+1 redundancy eliminates single points of failure. This allows another node to take over any duties with zero disruption if a node needs to be removed for repairs, upgrades, expansion, replacement etc.

Furthermore, there is no upheaval and no loss of investment when upgrading to the next hardware platform unlike device specific firmware.

DataCore supports all major operating systems. It is compatible with MacOS, Windows, Linux, HP UX, AIX and Solaris and is not dependent on host based agents to provide services. Companies such as Microsoft, Citrix and VMware all depend on DataCore SANs for their efficient, highly-available shared storage. Implementing virtual machine migrations, workload fail-over and dynamic load balancing all achieve performance and availability advantages.