Ethernet Leased Line Circuits

Redcentric offer fully-managed Ethernet leased lines with capacity ranging from 2Mb/s to 1Gb/s

The Ethernet leased lines we provide are fully flexible and can be specified as a portion of the bearer circuit, unlike fixed capacity leased lines. The system can then be upgraded with ease as and when is required and the synchronous nature of the Ethernet service means data can be uploaded and downloaded at the same speed.

A leased line from Redcentric can calm any concerns you have about outgrowing your existing network or not having a solution that can respond to the changing nature of your business.

Key benefits of our Ethernet service


Availability based Service Levels

A fully-managed service, underpinned by service level agreements (SLAs).


Variable contract lengths

Flexible rental terms of one, three or five years.


Flexible bandwidth

Flexible bandwidth options from 2 to 1000Mbit/s.


Increased resilience

Carrier independence for maximum resilience.


Access to a range of managed services

Services including Internet, VPN, VoIP and data backup can be delivered over a single circuit


Project management

We monitor your Wide Area Network and provide 24x7x365 proactive fault management



Our reporting allows you to see your usage statistics.



Full quality of service (QoS) support options if used as part of a wide area network (Redcentric Secure WAN).