Generic Ethernet Access over Ethernet

Generic Ethernet Access over Ethernet (GEAoE) provides a cost-effective, business-grade Ethernet connectivity option for smaller sites and offices. It utilises the shared fibre loop & street cabinets associated with FTTC and provides high quality symmetric bandwidth to the Redcentric core.

The Redcentric connectivity portfolio aims to offers a broad a choice of connectivity options, recognising that sites have a variety of speed, cost, and availability criteria. GEAoE enhances that choice, sitting squarely between EFM and FTTC: it combines the performance and tight SLAs of EFM with the affordability and install speeds associated with FTTC.

GEAoE offers symmetric speeds of 20Mbps making it a sound option for smaller sites, branches and high-demand homeworkers, particularly where multiple services such as a converged communications environment are required. The ability to handle data, voice and video using just a single circuit reduces not only cost but also complexity.

Typical install times of less than 20 days and a 7hr return to service target also make GEAoE an excellent fit for the business that needs to be agile, responsive and reliably connected at all times.

Key benefits of our GEAoE Service


Cost-effective Ethernet connectivity

Offers low-contention Ethernet performance at lower price point than EFM


20Mbps upload/download speed

Single symmetric circuit removes cost and complexity of delivering multiple services on separate lines


Quality of Service

QoS underpins converged communications environments


Fast provisioning

Typical installation takes less than 20 days


Superior fix times

GEAoE has a 7 hour repair target


Access to a range of managed services

Services including Internet, VPN, VoIP, data backup and N3 for healthcare customers can be delivered over a single GEAoE circuit