Provider independent managed service

BGP (border gateway protocol) managed services

Any company that relies on the internet as a business tool knows that if their service provider has an outage they can be stranded.

Most industry professionals have been affected at some point by having to change their external IP addressing when they decided or were forced to move ISPs due to reliability, service or financial issues. Not only is this a time consuming and costly exercise but it is also a serious business risk.

Companies that need the stability and security of knowing that their mission critical network is not reliant on a single provider for IP Addressing or access to the internet should consider investing in an autonomous system.

Redcentric networking design specialists provide all the expertise necessary to plan design, implement and operate an autonomous system specific to your business requirements. Redcentric will arrange the necessary applications, peering and transit agreements with relevant authorities and industry groups.

Redcentric's provider independent managed service helps customers achieve true network reliability and flexibility, an element that companies can now consider an essential component of a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.