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Connecting to HSCN is ZERO hassle when you connect through Redcentric.

To make sure you gain access to HSCN as quickly as possible, we are offering you a FREE on site HSCN 360 Review.

In this consultation Redcentric’s Healthcare specialists will review your existing connectivity and help you plan your HSCN connectivity on boarding.

Your On-site Personalised HSCN 360 Review will cover:



We review your existing connectivity, what and when you use it as well as your current pinch points



We examine the use of your current N3 connectivity including traffic flows, number of users and performance



We help to plan your individual future connectivity requirements now and in years to come



Our HSCN experts are there to answer any queries you have on the full transition process

*if you are not yet connected to N3, our specialists will review your connectivity needs and run through the full on boarding process with you.

Redcentric's Personalised Assessment

Using the above processes and getting to know your organisation, we provide you with your own, tailored HSCN complete picture. During the process a member of the Redcentric healthcare team will attend on site for approximately two hours to provide a full assessment.

Connect to HSCN to start reaping the benefits and saving costs immediately. No one can transition you over to HSCN faster.

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