With N3 now retiring, future consumers of HSCN are looking to connect to the new NHS network. The application process allowing organisations to gain HSCN access has gotten easier, however organisations still need meet the assurance obligations to connect. A HSCN Consumer Network Service Provider (CN-SP) can work with you to ensure you meet the required guidelines.

As an accredited HSCN CN-SP, Redcentric provides an end-to-end connectivity solution to both the NHS and the numerous non-NHS organisations increasingly becoming involved in the provision of health and social care services.

Reduce the cost, time and knowledge burden required within your own organisation and be led through the entire HSCN on-boarding process by our dedicated HSCN Information Governance (IG) team of experts. Our team will manage the entire project, providing expert support and guidance throughout to help you meet your extensive and stringent obligations; they will also provide solution design work and help in mitigating business gaps and shortfalls, removing all of the complexity whilst ensuring your organisation’s compliance in order for you to focus on your own business priorities.

Redcentric have been involved in all iterations of the various healthcare networks and as a N3 aggregator we deliver over 15,000 reliable, secure, high bandwidth connections to NHS and third party providers to the NHS such as ISVs. Our unparalleled experience within the healthcare sector, and work alongside helping users transition from N3 to HSCN, makes Redcentric a partner to rely on.

Webcast: The move from N3 to HSCN


In this webcast Mark Hall looks at key obligations for future consumers of HSCN as the HSCN Connection Agreement replaces the N3 Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC).

Watch the webcast

One of the additional benefits and changes from N3 is the ability to overlay services to drive additional efficiencies, innovation and transformation such as; DBaaS (Database as a Service); hosted VoIP; managed wireless and hosted unified communications. With a broad portfolio, Redcentric can provide a number of managed services through your HSCN connectivity, allowing your organisation to get the most and derive best value for money.


  • CAS – Telecommunications certified (264868406-1500TEL)
  • Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC)
  • HSCN CN-SP certified
  • NHS Business Partner
  • HSCN Peering Exchange Provider
  • NHS Digital - accredited N3 ISP (Network Access Agreement 0740)
  • Independent aggregator of IGSoC Version 14 with a score of 100%
  • Compliant Commercial Third Party (NACS Code YGMAP)
  • Accredited to store patient data for and behalf of the NHS
  • ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO22301 certified
  • NHS Digital approved N3 commercial aggregator and HSCN CN-SP

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