Peering Policy

Redcentric is listed in PeeringDB, which is the industry standard database for peering information for network service operators.

Redcentric currently maintains 3 ASN's in the Peering DB. The main ASN is 13009. We are currently in the process of migrating ASN's 5552 and 8419 into the network. We are actively encouraging peering with AS13009 and are ceasing peering with the 5552 and 8419 ASN's.

Redcentric has an open peering policy, subject to certain technical, commercial and legal requirements. Technical requirements for peering are below:

  • A publicly routable ASN
  • Publically routable address space (at least one /24 IPv4 and/or one /48 of IPv6)
  • ASN record completed in PeeringDB with 24x7 Technical contacts
  • 24x7 NOC contact capable of resolving BGP routing issues
  • Presence at one or more Internet Exchanges were Redcentric are present. (See PeeringDB)

Routing Policy

In general Redcentric will ONLY announce prefixes of those and it's directly connected peers. We expect peering partners to run a similar policy. Redcentric will NOT announce peering partners routes to other providers thereby acting as transit, unless they are a customer of Redcentric. Again peering partners will be expected to run a similar policy. This is not applicable to Transit peering. Longer prefixes than those advertised via the route objects in the organisations route registry entries are not permitted unless with prior agreement.

Traffic Management

Redcentric carries customer traffic over its network as close to its customers as possible. It is advisable that peering partners adopt a similar policy. Redentric therefore suggest that where multiple peering points are present, the peering relationship take advantage of these.

Maximum Prefix

TThe current version of this document suggests that peering partners set a max-prefix limit for IPv4 of 60 routes and a max-prefix limit of 15 for IPv6 routes.

Peering Security

Redcentric advises that in the interests of Internet security, MD5 passwords and TTL hop count limitations are used. Although this is not enforced as a policy it is strongly suggested peering partners consider these additional requirements.

Related ASN's

Redcentric now manages ASN's: 13009, 5552 and 8419. ASN AS5552 was previously known as Redstone. ASN AS8419 was previously known as Hotchilli.

Setting up Peering

If you wish to setup peering with Redcentric please send an email to stating ASN number, and peering points where you would like to peer.