Our Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service is a good fit for organisations looking for a smart, agile, low cost way to keep their WAN infrastructure secure, flexible and optimised. It is an alternative connectivity option that can help you get more from your circuits, do more with your network and still deliver against security and cost objectives.

Our SD-WAN service will ensure you can take maximum advantage of the technology’s key attributes:

  • Gain immediate increase in bandwidth without more outlay – the ability to aggregate, say, a secondary broadband circuit that is normally idle, or a 4G backup circuit, or both, and combine them with a primary circuit
  • Intelligent routing and prioritisation to deliver increasingly important application performance improvements – with a management console providing visibility over and insight into network traffic.
  • Freeing up bandwidth whilst maintaining security standards - SD-WAN complements traditional ‘hub and spoke’ WANs; with its support for local break-out for public Cloud destined traffic
  • Policy management allows you to make one configuration change and it gets implemented consistently across all affected end-points – there are speed and efficiency gains to be had where networks are serving hundreds or thousands of branches/offices.
  • Managed service providers can handle change requests more responsively, and there is potential too for greater co-management where desirable.


The service - which comes with our standard end-to-end consulting and support wrap - comprises:

Features of our SD-WAN service:


Better utilisation of circuits

Dynamic access to more bandwidth from your existing circuits


Easier optimisation

Maximum visibility and control of traffic to keep network performing at highest levels


Enhanced performance

Fast, secure handling of applications delivers a better user experience, even for bandwidth-hungry apps


Increased cost-efficiency

Getting more out of your legacy connectivity investment, plus reduced reliance on premium connectivity


Greater flexibility

More freedom when it comes to network design, operation and management

Business-only ISP

Simplified administration

Easier and quicker configuration, monitoring and updating


More intelligent routing

Smarter handling of priority traffic via automatic application identification


Greater leverage of low grade links

More assured usage of imperfect connections

If any of the following situations and desired outcomes resonate, then SD-WAN should be factored into your planning:

  • You’re looking at a hybrid compute/storage cloud adoption strategy and need an assured route to a hybrid WAN
  • Business needs dictate that your network has to improve in terms of application performance and Quality of Experience
  • There is a drive to think smarter – for example, using cost-effective cellular data for quick and/or short-term deployment; to leverage the ubiquitous Internet connection as a back-up or alternative WAN route
  • You have a growing number of international sites that you need to bring into your WAN quickly and cost-efficiently
  • You need to find a better way of managing disparate networks that have resulted from acquisition or mergers
  • Bring your Own Connectivity – aggregate all circuits such as MPLS, internet broadband and LTE/cellular
  • Zero trust stance on network and access management
  • End-to-end encryption, plus uniform security policy across estate
  • Central configuration , visibility and control of all network traffic
  • Automatic detection and performance tuning of applications
  • Application aware routing for fastest path selection
  • Option to combine multiple overlay tunnels for high bandwidth applications
  • Built-in error detection and where possible, correction of traffic that’s using imperfect links

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