Secure Remote Access - VPN Providers

For businesses looking to provide remote workers access to their corporate information and applications, Redcentric’s Secure Remote Access service offers a robust, flexible and secure way to connect.

Our Secure Remote Access service facilitates remote working by utilising a piece of software on the user’s PC, tablet or other remote device that communicates with Redcentric’s remote access platform. When connecting across an internet connection, a secure tunnel is created between the device and platform allowing the user to securely access the corporate network. To ensure that only legitimate users can connect, two-factor authentication is used. Strong encryption is implemented on the tunnel between the user and the platform to protect sensitive information in transit.

Features of our Secure Remote Access:


Facilitates remote working

Enables staff to securely access key resources through any internet connection


Supports business continuity

Users can work away from formally connected offices enabling business continuity

Business-only ISP

Increased front-end focus

Allows your staff to concentrate on core business activities anywhere, anytime


Scalable and flexible

Can scale easily to meet the needs of customers large and small

About Redcentric’s two-factor authentication

Redcentric’s two-factor authentication is used to check the identity of anyone trying to connect to the corporate network. This authentication system is far more robust than static passwords which are typically changed once a month.

Multiple factors

Authentication is based on multiple things:

SOMETHING YOU KNOW Your log-in and password details
SOMETHING YOU HAVE One-off, time-sensitive password ('One Time Password' or OTP) that is presented to a hardware token, smartphone or other mobile device.