Accelerating m-commerce with public Wi-Fi

By using second-generation public Wi-Fi, you can improve engagement with your customers, accelerate your mobile commerce strategy and provide a useful overview of customer behaviour through comprehensive analytics.

All the inflexibility issues associated with large-scale first generation Wi-Fi approaches and the reliability and legal concerns of ad hoc DIY installations can be avoided with our public Wi-Fi approach.

Typical examples of innovative 2nd generation free public Wi-Fi implementations include:

  • Retail - fully-branded online experience - customers can see your branding when logging on, with branded network names, the full integration of loyalty card details, access to seasonal offers as well as the ability to push vouchers and promotions to customers
  • Car showrooms - enabling customer personalisation - car registration log on alerts dealer to existing customers using the public Wi-Fi, log on profiles specify why customers are at the showroom, provides opportunities for follow-up promotions, contact details are captured for prospecting, extends browsing to the forecourt to help influence customer/prospect buying decisions
  • Estate agents - extending the agency to the street - implementing Redcentric public Wi-Fi allows estate agents to share property and lettings details with potential buyers, acquiring customers that may have just walked by
  • Travel agents - increasing customer access - supporting customers to research holidays and destinations in more detail, public Wi-Fi can also provide access to greater detail through QR (quick response) codes - both in-store and in the agency window
  • Entertainment - supporting m-commerce growth - public Wi-Fi offers significant opportunities for online ticketing, seat reservations, reading reviews and extending voucher/discount codes beyond the ticket office