Wifi Analytics

A Cloud-based solution that leverages your wireless network to capture visitor and customer presence, behaviour and preferences in your physical environments delivered using our partner's Purple software. The resultant data can drive actionable insights and intelligence to help marketers deliver more targeted messaging to accurately profiled consumers and understand with greater knowledge how customers act within environments and online.

Purple's WiFi Analytics provides businesses with the opportunity to harness the type of profiling and behavioural data. Layered over a suitable Redcentric WiFi network it can offset the cost of providing guest connectivity by collecting a wealth of valuable customer intelligence as well as facilitating an enhanced customer or patient experience.

It is a ‘light touch’ proposition, with no hardware to buy or support, and deployment is quick and straightforward, ensuring rapid time to value. The bespoke configuration and granular nature of the data capture allow businesses to fine-tune their set-up, collecting precisely the data they need just through proximity to a wireless access point – a visitor doesn’t even need to log-in to the guest WiFi to be tracked.

Across healthcare estates analytics can be similarly leveraged to identify patterns of behaviour, serve up tailored information, track and analyse movements of patients, visitors and staff, and tag and locate vital assets such as wheelchairs, beds and medical equipment.

Features of our Managed Wifi Analytics

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Recoup guest WiFi costs

Gain actionable insights to improve marketing and engagement


Leverage data

Detailed, bespoke data collection to deliver an enhanced customers experience


Real-time Marketing

Utilise locations services and CRM engines to send out highly targeted dynamic marketing messages in real-time

Business-only ISP

Single customer view

Supplement online customer analytics with physical environment behaviour and metrics to help build single customer view



Access a sophisticated but affordable extension to your marketing capability, with no hardware to procure or manage

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Customised reporting

Highly configurable, granular reports to enable more tailored, in-depth customer analysis

Analytics has the capability to be sophisticated, capturing real-time footfall, dwell time, movement patterns, return visits, conversions, bounce rates, queue length, social media details and more. It also aligns with additional location services, enabling the real-time sending of hyperlocal marketing messages to drive up engagement and sales.

  • Increase engagement and sales
  • Get full visibility of behaviour
  • Improve on-premise experience
  • Drive up loyalty
  • Enable targeted, tailored marketing
  • Deliver bespoke offers in real-time
  • Add off-line intelligence to single customer view
  • Effectively counter threat of show rooming
  • Build platform for future innovation

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